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Equal Justice in Law Enforcement Initiative

April 22, 2016

Melody Z. Richardson visited Benjamin E. Mays High School earlier this week to teach students about their Fourth Amendment rights and how to survive an encounter with the police. This is one of many visits Melody and other Atlanta Bar Association volunteers have made to local high schools to implement Harold Franklin’s, President of the Atlanta Bar Association, Equal Justice in Law Enforcement (“EJLE”) Initiative. The initiative is designed to engage our community in a focused, collaborative effort to help prevent and lessen the prospect of law enforcement shootings involving unarmed citizens. Recent documented violence across the country from shootings and other deadly force involving law enforcement and unarmed citizens is deeply disturbing. Current incidents highlight a fundamental failing in the fair and equal administration of justice and demonstrate the critical need for meaningful dialogue and a focused search for solutions to prevent or lessen the likelihood of the continuation of such tragedies.

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