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Parents often assume that if the father is listed on the child’s birth certificate, his legal rights with regard to that child are secured. In Georgia, however, the father has no legal rights, and the mother has complete parental authority when a child is born to parents who are not married. In order to establish himself as a legal parent to the child and to ensure the child can inherit from him, the father must initiate an action to declare himself a “legitimate,” or legal, parent. As part of that action, the father can also ask the Court to address the issues of child support, custody, and parenting time. For these types of issues, you will be encouraged to contact a family law attorney to make sure you are informed of your choices.

A mother may seek to establish paternity if she and the father are not married when the child is born. When it is established that the alleged father is, in fact, the biological father, the Court can declare him a legal parent and establish a child support obligation. However, the Court will not determine the father’s rights with regard to custody and parenting time in a paternity action filed by the mother unless the mother agrees for those issues to be addressed.

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